About Louise

Louise is English and grew up on the south coast where she used to play chicken with storm waves.

The Sea!

(Ok, these are not storm waves …)

She has lived in Switzerland off and on for around 13 years now. with her husband and two boisterous boys.


Even though she has spent most of her driving life on the right, she still gets it wrong sometimes, and starts to second guess where she should be on the road if there are no other cars around. She once narrowly missed crashing into an oncoming car (but don’t tell her husband).

A born daydreamer, she adores discovering stories. Currently writing a romance novella to find out what happens when an unpretty woman falls in love with a guy who only looks at the outside.

Another love of hers is vignettes – glimpses into other people’s lives. She finds inspiration from anywhere – a picture, line of a poem, or something somebody says. Some can be found on this site. She would love it if you let her know what you think of them.