The Traitor’s Legacy – An Historical Romance Novel









Set in a turbulent 13th century England amidst the Barons War against King Henry III, this medieval romance deals with trust, betrayal and love.

All Lady Alys wants is to give her husband a son – in the hope that he will love her once more, but after almost a year of being unable to conceive she finally falls pregnant, only for her husband’s body to be brought back to her. Though devastated by his death, she throws all her energy into the pregnancy, but when the babe dies shortly after he is born she becomes convinced that she cannot have a healthy child and refuses to wed again. Her father insists she must wed a strong man to save the castle from their enemy and neighbour, who will stop at nothing to seize Alys’s family home, but the man he wishes her to wed is accusing her dead husband of treachery.


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Katriona (Working Title)

Yarrow – leaves are crushed to make a poultice which stops bleeding.


Lady Katriona of Feathersete is given a choice of three suitors by her father. Grateful that none of them is Egon de Bursay, a man she both fears and is fascinated by, she gladly complies, but one of the men appears to be ruled by his mother, another ruled by his passions, and still another she has never met. Deciding that the man she has never met will be a better match than the other two, she tells her father her choice, but then Egon informs her that she has a week in which to change her mind and choose him.