Perfume Is Good For Your Self-Esteem

Perfume Is Good For Your Self-Esteem.


Well, I thought I knew this already. Turns out although I knew it in my head, my self-esteem didn’t have a clue.

It’s been a while since I had the money to treat myself to some perfume and I have been scraping the bottoms of old bottles, but this week I finally had a little spare cash and bought a new one! It’s a small bottle, but was reduced by 20% which made it all the more attractive. I had tried it on several previous occasions and had liked it. (My one trick when I have no perfume is to head straight to a store and spray myself liberally; that way I smell good for free!)

This afternoon I was outside with my youngest, blowing bubbles for him to burst. Every so often I would catch a subtle, lovely scent and think, ‘What’s that? That smells nice…’ and then remember – it’s me:D

To know that I smelt good did something tangible for my self-esteem. For the first time in a long time I felt worthwhile, as though I had a place here on earth. All too often my self-esteem has been so low that I have even wanted to apologise for my existence. Feeling good about myself this afternoon, due to a perfume, came as a wonderful surprise. I felt more whole than I had done in a long time, as though a small essence of myself had been recaptured and put into a bottle for me to spray back.

I am not the first to discover this link between smell and how we feel. Psychology Today has an article about The Hidden Force of Fragrance. Rachel Herz – a world-renowned expert on the psychology of smell – says: “A smell reminder can really conjure the person, more than just looking at a photo,” she says. “You actually get the feeling of the person from the smell.” She has written (amongst others) a book: The Scent of Desire, in which she talks about how important the sense of smell is to our mental health and well-being. This book is going on my wish list.

Maybe, just maybe, when I spray this perfume I can feel myself through the smell. I conjure myself. I am, in that fleeting moment, a whole person once more.


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