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Arrggh, I’m it. What is it?

Ah, a blog hop.

Blog Hop? What’s that? Bunnies jumping over logs in the forest? I think I have far too many of the chocolate variety in my house at the moment…

I had no idea what a blog hop was, but soon found out, and thought it a great idea from writer Alexis A. Hunter.

I was tagged by multitalented author B L Draper who lives in northern Australia where she is a sustainability teacher by day; and a writer by night. She has had stories published in Youth Imagination Magazine and Spellbound, amongst others, and hopes to one day publish her novel before she’s too old and senile to enjoy it. Visit B L Draper’s blog and read one of her wonderful short stories here.


So now it’s my turn to hop around and answer some questions about my writing process. (Writing process? What’s that? Not sure I have one…)

What am I working on?

Ah. This I can answer. I am polishing my first historical romance – ‘The Traitor’s Legacy’, as well as working on a second novel that may also work as a sequel, and a short story about 14th century highwaymen known as ‘The Ryfelours.’ I will be publishing this short story on my blog as soon as it has been through the Scribophile wringer.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I don’t know if I have a particular genre. My very first novel was about a girl winning a trip into space. Another novel (which will never see the light of day) was set in the first part of the 20th century. Some of my vignettes are present-day, while others are set in the past. I have always loved historical because I learn so much about what life was really like for women in those times and how they bore their particular crosses, or affected change in their hard lives.

Why do I write what I write?

In ‘The Traitor’s Legacy’, one of the questions I ask is: ‘How much can a woman endure before she realizes fundamental aspects of her character need to change?’ I am interested in what makes us who we are as people, what kind of trials shape our characters and how this affects our lives.

I think this is one of the keys in understanding relationships. If we can see how our attitudes and characteristics affect others, and our relationship with others, then we have the power to affect change. It’s something I find very interesting and may explore further.

I chose the 13th century because it was a fascinating time of upheaval in England when King Henry II was imprisoned and the first idea of ‘parliament’ was bandied around.

Although it’s early days, my second novel seems to be asking the question: ‘How far will a mother go to protect her daughter from an unscrupulous man?’ I am curious to see where this leads. I thought I knew where the novel was going, but when I edited a chapter, it re-wrote itself in a different direction.

I write because it’s a way of legitimizing a compulsion to escape reality at every available opportunity, and delve into someone else’s head.

How does my writing process work?

I am usually in bed when inspiration comes. My brain will decide it certainly doesn’t want to sleep – even though my body is tired from housework, taking the kids out on their bikes, and teaching English. So this is when I start thinking.

My ‘Glass-Half-Full’ vignette came like this. Sometimes I will remember key words so I can write it out the following day, sometimes I will sigh, put the light on and scribble for around half an hour. I get precious few quiet moments in the day, so I need this time to let my mind wander.

If I have no desire to write, I won’t, I’ll bake instead. So for the sake of my waistline, it’s imperative I allow myself the luxury of daydreaming. Sometimes I will purposefully not write for a few days, allow the frustrations or ideas to bubble and then I can explode it onto the page. Not all of this makes the cut, I’m happy to say.
I have tagged two very different, but equally exciting, authors to talk about themselves for the next hop:

Belinda Mellor is the very talented author of the fantasy novel, ‘Silvana – The Greening’, which had some great reviews on Amazon. I loved reading this, it’s the kind of book you can read over and over and discover something new. Her second novel in the series, ‘Silvana – Midsummer’, will be out in November. Belinda’s gentle and deft writing skills swiftly draw you into her world and you will find yourself reluctant to leave her characters because they wind themselves into you like fresh new shoots, and before you realize it, nothing can drag you away.

Belinda is also working on some short stories set in the same world.
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Another author whose work I enjoy very much is Demi Hungerford, who is currently writing several Regency Romances. I am excited by her work because the stories are unusual, and some of her character’s pop off the page with life. A snapshot of Demi:

I am married, my husband taught me so much about relationships, romance, and life. My goals include getting my first Regency Romance polished and submitted to an agent by the end of August. I love to read, I love to be read to, so I listen to audio books during my daily commute. Also my husband and I raise hookbills and some finches. We are down-sizing the flock and putting as many birds in ‘easier to maintain’ aviaries due to economic concerns and wanting more time for writing.
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